Saudi Arabia 91st national day in 2021
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was once called the Kingdom of Najd and the Hijaz. On September 23, 1332, under a royal decree of King Aziz Ibn Saudi, the name changed to “HOUSE OF SAUDI.” Also, it symbolizes the unity of the modern-day Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since 2005, Saudi Arabia has celebrated its Saudi Arabia National Day in a festive mood every September 23.


On this day, citizens like to take to the streets in large numbers, in public areas, parks, malls, shopping centers, beach fronts, tourists, and outdoor fields. Moreover, many events are organized for their entertainment. These include:

Public events and entertainment programs for children

Cultural and cultural monuments.

Historical photography and art exhibitions

Exhibitions of Movies and educational projects in the country.

Displays nighttime lasers and fireworks.

Plane displays and acrobatic.

Theater plays.

Heritage tours.

Late-night Shopping and Discounts.

School exhibitions and activities.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will celebrate the 91st anniversary of its National Day on September 23, 2021. The theme for this year’s national day is “it's our home”, and this simple message is aimed to remind everyone of everything Saudi Arabia represents to the people living in this country.


The new identity of National Day was inspired by the culture of humanism that is clearly reflected in the huge projects that the Kingdom has bet on in its ambitious vision 2030. And it consists of a set of colors, each color reflects a meaning associated with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Green represents ambition, security and growth, and yellow represents optimism, orange represents success, and red represents determination, and blue represents loyalty and wisdom.


This identity of the 91st National Day will be used in the various applications for celebrating. We created many gifts featured of the logo, such as badge, keychain, necklace etc. You can make a selection from the following items.



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