2021 Dongguan Cross-Border E-Commerce Procurement Summit
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"2021 Dongguan Cross-border E-commerce Procurement Summit" was held at Humen Convention and Exhibition Center in Dongguan City on October 22.


Since 2018, the Dongguan Cross-border E-commerce Procurement Summit has been held for three consecutive years and has been well received. It has helped many Dongguan manufacturing companies to open up the international market, from focusing on selling "products to the sea" to real "branding to the sea."


This summit was splendid, with outstanding highlights. The summit is huge and will gather 10+ industrial clusters, 300+ high-quality suppliers, and 30,000+ popular new products, covering popular categories such as outdoor products, beauty and personal care, consumer electronics, and home furnishings. The summit gathered big coffee, and invited national expert mentors, dozens of billion-level sellers, and industry top guests to the venue to interpret the new formats and new ways of cross-border e-commerce.


During the summit, the whole industry chain of cross-border e-commerce was gathered, cross-border industry experts, mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms and industry sales, in-depth sharing of new cross-border trends, and talked about the new future of Dongguan manufacturing.



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